Babu-Revanth bond: Will the polavaram project be cleared..!?

* polavaram is the lifeblood of AP.
* polavaram is a big problem.
* Some villages in bhadrachalam are inundated.

New governments were formed in the states of andhra pradesh and Telangana. Chandrababu and revanth reddy, who were teachers and disciples in the past, became Chief Ministers. While revanth reddy is the chief minister of Telangana. chandrababu naidu recently took oath in AP. But some people are discussing that ap and telangana are going to be good if there are two chief ministers of Guru and Shishiyans.
Especially due to the combination of these two Chief Ministers, some people are saying that the line will be cleared for the polavaram project. Sometimes two telugu states should move forward together. Some political analysts say that the work of the polavaram project will be done quickly in view of the good relationship between Chandrababu and revanth Reddy. In fact, parts of bhadrachalam district are drowning due to Polavaram. bhadrachalam was completely submerged the other day due to the raging flood of Godavari. At this moment there was a dispute between the governments of ap and Telangana. telangana claims that due to raising the rising height of polavaram, the entire flood will stop at Bhadrachalam. The central government has given permission to increase the height of Polavaram. ap government has made it clear at that time. telangana has lost completely due to this. bhadrachalam along with many parts of that district were submerged due to floods.

 Those areas were supported by the then-KCR government. But now in the background of Chandrababu, revanth reddy being the chief minister, the polavaram height issue does not go into the limelight. When the flood level increases, the gates of polavaram will have to be raised. If that is done, some areas in bhadrachalam will not submerge at all. After the flood subsides, the conflict between ap and telangana will become a problem. After that, there will be no obstacles to complete the polavaram project. Godavari waters should be equally shared by both states. The flood coming from Godavari should be used in telangana near Kaleswaram. ap should be used near Polavaram. revanth reddy and Chandrababu should sit and talk about issues like polavaram height, submerging areas in telangana, and the seven mandals dispute. The Solutions should be made in harmony. Only then will the line clear to polavaram, the lifeblood of AP.

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