Chandrababu kept his vow & entered the assembly as cm again..!!

-Chandrababu's oath on november 19, 2021.
-He vowed to come to the assembly as CM.
-Chandrababu kept his vow till now.

TDP leader Chandrababu took an oath two and a half years ago that he would step into the assembly as the CM. Now it is maintained. telugu Desam MLAs came to the assembly today to pay homage to NTR's statue. chief minister Chandrababu, Ministers, and MLAs of telugu Desam came to the assembly after paying homage to NTR's idol in Venkatapalem. The telugu desam party MLAs came to Venkatapalem in yellow shirts around 9 am and came to the assembly from there. Why did Chandrababu have to take an oath? Let's take a look at what is the story behind that oath. It is november 19, 2021. assembly meetings are going on. Before this, the war of words started between the leaders of tdp and YCP. nara lokesh was mentioned. Some ycp leaders shouted at this. Some shouted to insult Chandrababu's wife Nara Bhuvaneswari. This caused confusion for a while. It is difficult to understand who is talking about what.
Some MLAs recorded this confusion on their cell phones. Chandrababu, who was very angry about this whole affair, gave a furious speech in the assembly. This house where his wife was insulted is not a house of honor. It is a house of Kauravas. He cannot be in such a house. He came out swearing furiously that he would come to this meeting as the chief minister again. After that he held a press meet on the insult. He shed his tears in that press meet. At one stage, he cried uncontrollably. Chandrababu, who was so distressed, worked hard. All forces were used to defeat jagan in the elections. He got an alliance with janasena and was convinced to alliance with the BJP. And then he won big. Now two and a half years after taking oath, Chandrababu entered the assembly as cm again.

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