On june 27, kalki 2898 AD—India's largest science fiction mythological film—is scheduled to be released. Online comments to the most recent trailer have been rather positive. The film, which was directed by Nag Ashwin, stars Prabhas, deepika Padukone, amitabh bachchan, Disha Patani, and kamal haasan among its impressive ensemble. 

Nag Ashwin is no stranger to the sci-fi genre; he previously directed "xLife" for the Pitta Kathalu Netflix anthology series, which starred sanjith Hegde and Shruthi Haasan. In xLife, a young guy attracts billions of users with his future technology, X-Life, and he revolutionizes the world. However, evaluations for the piece were wildly inconsistent.

Although Nag Ashwin's inventiveness was applauded, the story was criticized for being soulless and unoriginal. The premise was ridiculous and dull, and even with its amazing set design and visual effects, the movie failed to captivate people. Fans are thinking of Pitta Kathalu and worried that kalki may end up like her as excitement for kalki 2898 AD grows. There is concern that nag ashwin may not provide kalki with the emotional depth she needs, despite the substantial budget, impressive setup, and his vision. As a result, followers of kalki 2898 AD are cautioning against having high hopes on social media.

Low expectations might result in a delightful surprise and encourage goodwill following the release. On the other hand, a bad box office performance might come from strong expectations that are subsequently met with disappointment. Pitta Kathalu was a Netflix short film that left little impression on viewers.

However, kalki 2898 AD has cost 600 crores, and many people's jobs are on the line with it. nag ashwin cannot afford to make a mistake now. We continue to have a great deal of optimism that nag ashwin has learned from his past mistakes and will use kalki 2898 AD to create an interesting and emotionally charged picture.


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