The highly anticipated tollywood film kalki 2898 AD is scheduled to debut this weekend on june 27. With over 30 million views since its premiere, the movie's trailer has gotten a great reception. But the soundtrack was the only bad thing about the movie. The soundtrack of kalki 2898 AD is underwhelming and falls short of expectations.
Yesterday saw the release of the second trailer for kalki 2898 AD. It was skillfully edited, with a greater emphasis on the film's emotions. While the film's graphics appear promising, the soundtrack falls short of expectations. Additionally lacking is the background music, which persisted in the second video as well. The crowd didn't connect properly with the score.

Considering the movie's genre, there might not be any music in it. The uninspired background soundtrack is the only thing keeping the movie afloat. The film's music director is Santhosh Narayanan. He is renowned for writing excellent background music for tamil motion pictures. However, it appears that this time his mark is absent. Except for music, every area was handled by the kalki 2898 AD team. Let's wait and cross our fingers and hope the music gets well along with the visuals.

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