A verbal sparring match between senior Congressman jairam ramesh and Parliamentary Affairs minister Kiren Rijiju preceded the opening of the 18th lok sabha, which is predicted to be a tumultuous session in which the Opposition will likely bring up a number of issues, such as the NEET controversy and the nomination of Bhartruhari Mahtab as pro tem Speaker.

In order to make sure the parliament session went well, Rijiju asked the recently elected Opposition MPs for their assistance. Ramesh referred to the minister as someone who should "walk the talk" during the exchange. In response, Rijiju stated that if he made contributions to the House, he may be a great asset. The head of congress then retaliated by bringing up the National Testing Agency (NTA), which is at the centre of the controversy surrounding the administration of NEET tests, and its grading system.
It all started when Rijiju promised to always be there to help the members and asked the opposition members to coordinate so the session could go as smoothly as possible.

"The first session of the 18th lok sabha begins today, the 24th June, 2024. I welcome all the newly elected honourable members. I shall be always available to assist the members as minister of Parliamentary Affairs. I'm positively looking forward for co-ordination to run the house," Rijiju posted.

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