Nazriya Fahadh is an actor and producer who is highly regarded in the malayalam film industry. When the actress recently appeared in the telugu film Ante Sundaraniki, which starred Nani, she was greeted with a thunderous ovation for her outstanding performance. Recently, Nazriya updated her social media accounts, posting some beautiful photos of herself with co-star Nayanthara from her 2013 action comedy Raja Rani.

On june 24, Nazriya posted two images of herself and Nayanthara on instagram with the caption, "Finally..." and love in abundance. What made this day take us so long? #adecadelater
In the pictures, Nazriya and Nayanthara are seen grinning broadly as they greet and are happy.
 One of the photos shows Nazriya standing near Nayanthara's face and Nayanthara holding Nazriya's head, signifying their close relationship and their bonding which lasts for ages.

In the last image, Nazriya and Nayanthara are shown with their soulmates, vignesh shivan and Fahadh Faasil, while Nazriya records this special occasion.
 Fans of Keethana and Regina quickly expressed their joy in the comments section when the photos were posted online.  
A commenter said, "I'm hoping for something." "Two wonders in one frame," wrote someone another.


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