Prime minister Narendra Modi blasted the congress on Tuesday, the 50th anniversary of the Emergency, saying the party was "turning the country into a jail" and disobeying democratic values. By claiming that the party had no right to "profess their love" for the Constitution, he also poked fun at it.
Prime minister Indira Gandhi, a prominent member of the congress party, declared a state of emergency on june 25, 1975. This led to the suspension of civil freedoms, the imprisonment of opposition leaders and dissidents, and press censorship. It lasted for 21 months, ending in 1977.
PM Modi mentioned the "dark days" and recalled how the congress "subverted basic freedoms and trampled the Constitution" in a tweet, honouring those who "resisted" the Emergency.

"Today is a day to pay homage to all those great men and women who resisted the Emergency. The #DarkDaysOfEmergency remind us of how the congress party subverted basic freedoms and trampled over the Constitution of india, which every indian respects greatly," he said.

"The erstwhile congress Government turned the country into a prison and ignored every democratic ideal in an attempt to hold onto power. Torture and harassment were inflicted against everyone who disagreed with Congress. The poorest groups were the targets of socially regressive policies that were unleashed," he tweeted.
Prime minister Modi lashed out at the congress, saying that the party had destroyed federalism and had no right to "profess their love" for the Constitution, following accusations that the document was being "attacked".
"It is not appropriate for those who declared the Emergency to declare their devotion to our Constitution. These are the same individuals who have repeatedly enforced Article 356, obtained a bill intended to curtail press freedom, undermined federalism, and transgressed every provision of the Constitution," the speaker stated.

"The mindset which led to the imposition of the Emergency is very much alive among the same party which imposed it. They hide their disdain for the Constitution through their tokenism but the people of india have seen through their antics and that is why they have rejected them time and again," he further said.


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