Not all of prime minister Narendra Modi's talk with US President Joe Biden was about work. They did manage to find some time to have a lighthearted conversation and explore some family tracings. The 46th US President, Joe Biden, appears to have been able to identify his family genealogy this time around, and all credit for this goes to indian prime minister narendra modi, who shed some light on the subject.

PM Modi informed President Biden that he had 'hunted' for papers that would cast light on the president's mumbai ties and brought them with him. Biden didn't waste any time in responding. He inquired, "Are we related?"

When President Joe Biden was first elected to congress in 1972, he got a letter from someone named 'Biden' residing in mumbai, and he learnt of an indian branch of the Biden family.

He stated that this occurred shortly after his election to the US Senate. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, stated that he never had the opportunity to investigate the subject further and determine whether the letter's claims were true. The prime minister revealed that the President's family has ties to the indian subcontinent. "Perhaps we'll be able to move forward with this, and perhaps those records will be useful to you," Modi said Biden.

President Joe Biden recently revealed that Captain George Biden served in the british East india Tea Company in india more than 200 years ago. Captain Biden 'supposedly remained and married an indian woman,' according to the President, but he's never been able to learn more. He joked that it was "impossible for an Irishman to acknowledge" that he had a british link. PM narendra modi was in Washington, he said, 'to help me figure things out.'

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