The photo of prime minister Narendra Modi may no longer be seen in India's autonomous systems. All government agencies in the centre receive technological help from the National Informatics Center (NIC). NIC has also put certain advertising on government official websites and e-mails in honour of India's Independence Day celebrations. During the NIC 75 Independent, prime minister Narendra Modi shot some of his campaign videos. These have received approval from the Prime Minister's Office.

NIC has created advertising videos with slogans such as "Sab Ka Vikas,"   "Sab Ka Vishwas,"   "Sab Ka Saat,"   and  "Sab Ka Prayas," among others. Photos of prime minister Narendra Modi in these campaigns are among them, and the photographs are connected to all of the NIC's e-mails. Emails from the supreme court to the lesser courts are likewise archived by NIC. The supreme court has objected to promotional pictures featuring the Prime Minister's photo at the bottom of e-mails sent abroad. The supreme court Registry has written to express its opposition to the NIC. According to the NIC, it was also improper to post pictures and campaigns unconnected to the judiciary on the supreme Court's official websites.
NIC was able to correct its error as a result of this. PM Modi's pictures were immediately taken down. This is an excellent illustration of the indian judicial system in action. Now the issue is whether the rest of the organisations will follow the supreme Court's lead on government campaigning in the independent sector. We'll have to wait and see about that.

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