Propose Day: Everything you need to know about!!!

Propose Day is celebrated every year on february 8 as part of the activities surrounding Valentine's Week. 

Propose Day is marked on the second day of Valentine's Week, the day following Rose Day, to let your significant other know how much you value them.

Purpose: When two people are dating, the proposal day is significant. It's a day when couples can publicly confess their love for one another by kneeling down. The day symbolises the commitment and love that two people have and is viewed as a key turning point in many relationships.

On this day, many people choose to propose to their significant other in a distinctive and memorable way, either by planning a romantic outing or by giving them a thoughtful gift. It's a day to celebrate devotion and love as well as the start of a future together.

Origin: Propose Day is said to have originated during Valentine's Week celebrations, which have been observed for years. 

It is believed that Valentine's Day and its associated festivities began in the West before spreading to other countries, including India. It is unknown how Propose Day came to be, and little is known about its past. However, it is believed that Mary of Burgundy was purportedly requested to get married in 1477 accompanied with a diamond ring by the Austrian Archduke Maximilian.

Princess Charlotte's engagement to her future husband drew a lot of attention in 1816. Following then, Propose Day came to be celebrated as a special day on the second day of Valentine's Week. Couples all across the world now regularly celebrate Propose Day, which has gained popularity in recent years.

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