National White Shirt Day - Facts...

Every year on february 11, we commemorate White T-Shirt Day, which makes us happy because it was the day that the union movement and the automobile sector saw major transformations. Do you know that white t-shirts used to be reserved for the affluent in society? The highest positions are sometimes referred to as "white collar occupations" because this later permeated the workplace.

White has long been seen as a symbol of tranquilly and purity. White clothing has always been associated with the upper class and used to denote social status. Additionally, white clothing represents white-collar employment and bosses in the workplace, while white t-shirts once symbolised a radical form of expression amongst autoworkers, making this day unique.

Facts worth knowing about National White Shirt Day:

The premise behind White Shirt Day is that those who are protesting have their clothes kept as spotless as their superiors.

This campaign played a role in inspiring the protections for autoworkers and shielding them from the numerous strong unions that exist today.

The participants in this uprising pushed for the creation of laws governing payroll, insurance, and health and safety.

Many of the working conditions at the period were appalling, frequently ending in the workers' deaths. The strike was organised to protest the oppressive circumstances.

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