Curd Controversy in tamil Nadu : 'No to Dahi'...

There are disputes regarding hindi and tamil language in the country and it is now being seen in everything. Curd has become its new target. Controversy has arisen regarding the name of the packet of curd as 'Dahi' in Hindi. This controversy has increased so much that the Food Safety Authority of the country (FSSAI) had to intervene. FSSAI has finally withdrawn its directive on Thursday. 

In this case, tamil Nadu chief minister MK stalin had alleged that the Food Safety Authority was imposing hindi language on the state. Apart from this, tamil Nadu's Milk Producers Union Aavin has also opposed the FSSAI rules. The Sangh has said that instead of the hindi word 'Dahi', it will write the tamil word 'Thayir' on its packets.

Minister said hindi has no place in tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu's Milk Development minister SM Nasar admitted that the government has received a letter, asking it to implement the directive before August, amid a growing chasm over hindi and Tamil. Expressing hatred towards hindi, the minister has said that there is no place for hindi in the state.

How FSSAI has solved the problem?

FSSAI has issued a statement to resolve this dispute. In this statement, the organization said, "Food business Operators (FBO) are now allowed to use the word 'Yogurt' on the label along with any other prevalent regional generic name in brackets. The controversy in this matter started due to protest by the tamil Nadu Milk Producers' Federation. FSSAI had ordered to write 'Dahi' in the packet of curd. 

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