Is it difficult to reduce the belly? 5 amazing foods..!

Are you struggling to lose weight? Eating indian breakfasts can reduce belly fat in the body, especially in the stomach. You can see about them. Obesity and belly problem has emerged as major problem in the whole world today. Ayurvedic doctors say that the power to reduce fat lies in our indian foods. ayurveda says that you should include all the tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, and salt in your diet, at least one taste per day.
Oatmeal Idli – There are many varieties of Idli for breakfast. One of them is idli made with oats which helps in weight loss. Truly this Oats Idli will reduce weight and increase body strength. Oats are high in fiber and perfect for the health-conscious.

Moong Dal Cheela – Moong Dal Cheela is also considered one of the best sources of protein. This Cheela is made by a smooth moong dal batter. It is topped with cheese and vegetables. You can eat it with mint chutney.Mix Dal Dosa – A great dish to add protein to your breakfast. A combination of five different pulses will be the perfect meal for you.

Tomato Upma
– One of the most popular South indian dishes is an Upma. This Sooji–Tomato upma is healthy. It contains healthy carbohydrates. It is ideal for those trying to lose weight.

Egg Bhurji
- A favorite of egg lovers, this egg masala is very popular in northern states. In this way, this egg burji is sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and all the spices to prepare a super egg mixture. Perfect for breakfast.

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