The mother is the most important role in every child's life because the child depends only on the mother for all his / her needs. Many young couples find themselves to be parents without preparation., Such couples who enter into parenthood without any thought are difficult to manage. The first glimpse of parenthood will be a very exciting time for every parent. Once the baby gets progressed as a parent they have to notice the physical growth and mental development which are the most two important criteria.
A parent should always be concerned about her child, though not be jealousy by comparing with others and the parent should focus on the child's interest to encourage accordingly. Most parents don't even know in which class section their child is studying. Bad parenting will affect your child's behavior. Children will not learn in the way we sit and teach, most of the time they will be keenly observing our behaviors and they will start imitating like us, so try to show the way positively. Few bad signs of parenting are: Scolding in front of relatives, giving only the advice all the time but no encouragement towards their activities, emotional disconnect which means not reserving affection by way of hugs / not even saying 'I love you' to your kid often, modulation of your aggressive tone and finally comparing your child with others. As a result of such bad parenting signs the child gets affected in the society and also they be performing low in academics

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