The most recent trend in indian cinema that has astounded viewers is the way directors are incorporating their prior works into their current films, referring to them as their own cinematic universes. Everyone was astounded by the director Lokesh Kanagaraj's flawless integration of the khaidi narrative into Vikram. For the Singham series, Rohith Shetty has already mixed up the numerous police officer characters portrayed by Akshay, Ajay, and Ranveer.

Then came director Sailesh Kolanu, who combined a minor incident from HIT with HIT 2 and created a significant narrative. Since he is supposed to already have established a connection between Salaar and KGF, prashanth neel is also said to have adopted this universe concept. sukumar is going now.

According to rumours, filmmaker sukumar intends to integrate chitti babu into the pushpa Raj universe. ram charan will be introduced toward the end of "Pushpa: The Rule" when it has been established that he has travelled all the way from Godavari districts to the jungles of chittoor after killing prakash raj in Rangasthalam. Currently just a rumour, but if allu arjun and Charan are seen together on the same screen, explosions are almost certain to occur. sukumar is preparing to establish his own universe as a result, and he may produce more action films in the near future.

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