Directors who humiliate tamil heroes for money..!?

Recently, a succession of talented tamil directors is showing more interest in directing films of hindi and telugu heroes. Due to this, there is a controversy that they are humiliating tamil heroes for money. This is because talented directors in Kollywood, starting from the great director Shankar to Atlee, Magizh Thirumeni, and Lingusamy, are directing films of other language heroes and striving to uplift them. It is a great shame that vetrimaran is included in this list.
Currently, vetrimaran is busy shooting for Soori's Vidudhalai and Suriya's Vaadivasal. telugu Junior is directing a film in two parts for ntr in a work that has been highly anticipated as to who will direct the film next. Why go there to nurture a telugu movie hero, the question arises whether there are heroes in tamil cinema or not. kgf director prashanth neel and Kantara director Rishabh Shetty are all the biggest directors who are successful in their respective languages and are developing protagonists in their respective languages.None of them want to make a film with a tamil hero. But tamil directors have started working for them by giving their knowledge and action. It is noteworthy that this hinders the development of tamil cinema and they take advantage of their knowledge by giving money. There is also the idea that no matter how much money you pay if you call, they will come. They do it without knowing that this is a big shame for tamil cinema. In this way, tamil directors are raising other language heroes and criticism is also rising on social media.

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