Any industry where 80s stars are still active is highly uncommon. Despite being in their 60s, performers like megastar chiranjeevi, Nandamuri balakrishna, victory venkatesh, and nagarjuna still hold their own as leading men. Let's take a peek at this year's senior heroes in order of appearance.

Chiranjeevi, a megastar, will soon release Bholaa Shankar. megastar recently announced his new appearance, and he looks fantastic. In terms of production, the creators are working hard to create a blockbuster. The film's major flaws, however, are Meher Ramesh's direction and the fact that it is a remake.

Among the most anticipated movies of the year is Nandamuri Balakrishna's upcoming project, which anil ravipudi will be directing. Balakrishna's recent form and Anil Raviudi's brand worth are boosting its buzz. Another rumour is that balayya would talk with a telangana accent, which will be one of the movie's features. It will be one of the highly anticipated movies.

In recent years, Akkineni nagarjuna has had several dreadful flops, like The Ghost and Wild Dog. With his future movies—which will mark his 99th and 100th films, respectively—he hopes to make a great comeback. prasanna Kumar Bezawada, a writer, will be directing his 99th film, and Mohan Raja is rumoured to be directing his 100th. As of yet, there have been no official announcements.

Victory Sailesh Kolanu, who created the HIT franchise, is bringing up Saindhav under Venkatesh's leadership. Recently, a trailer for the movie was released, and both the public and reviewers responded enthusiastically. Fans of Daggubati are thrilled to see venkatesh in a big role after a long time. The films balakrishna and venkatesh have coming up are promising, if we look at the lineup. It is too soon to comment on Nag's cast, but Chiranjeevi's Bholaa shankar is receiving some negative press, primarily since it is a remake.

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