The time it takes to get from A to B is determined by how much time it takes to get from B to C. After the likes of Sebastian PC and Sammathame last year, he released the commercially unsuccessful movie "Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsinavadni" in September. He received "Vinaro Bhagyamu vishnu Katha" in february of this year, which was panned by critics despite producers' claims to the contrary. He is currently producing ideas like "Meter" in a month.

While the "Meter" teaser suggests that it would be a very typical movie based on pataas and Temper, online users and moviegoers have something to say about this young hero right now. One might easily comprehend the audience's mood by reading the numerous comments left on the Meter teaser video on YouTube. While some people claimed it was a typical meter, others urged him to take a break and look for more interesting topics than these rote tales. Some people have even said that, given his age and stature, his monologues in Meter are a little excessive.

Whether kiran is taking into account all of this criticism or not, the reality remains that after he created raja Varu rani Varu, there was a special belief in him. But, that belief has almost completely disappeared as his past five films turned out to be standard fare. Perhaps the performer should consider choosing the correct subjects and putting more emphasis on quality than quantity.

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