The strength of faith is the focus of Samantha's latest sunday motivating message. Today, march 12, the actress posted a photo of herself worshipping an idol on social media. The South superstar accompanied the shot with a text describing the strength of religion and how it transforms you into a superhuman. Her spiritually inclined friend anushka sharma responded to it.

On sunday, samantha posted a photo of herself seated in front of God's idol on her instagram account. It was taken inside her home's temple. She is pictured sitting in the lotus pose. "Sometimes, it doesn't take superhuman power," samantha wrote in the caption. "Faith gets you through. You stay calm because of your religion, which also serves as your buddy and teacher. You become superhuman (sic) via faith.

Anushka Sharma replied to the tweet with "Sure (sic)," along with a heart emoji. The next work-related appearance for samantha will be in Shaakuntalam. Shakuntala and king Dushyant's epic love story from the Mahabharata will be portrayed. Earlier, she traveled to tamil Nadu with her friends and crew to the palani Murugan shrine. The actress is currently getting well from myositis and is prepared to resume her career.

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