And ultimately, the plot reads like a mash-up of recent prashanth neel gangster films (especially to outsiders). The recent events that have left an imprint on people's memory include the numerous gangs, a single place, and a hero emerging amidst them, followed by threats from both internal (police and political) and exterior (mafia bosses) forces after his ascent. The colour scheme and background score, which use the same clichés as before, make Kabzaa appear to be a repurposed disgrace.

The entire second half is one continuous action sequence, with a loud background score, up until the very conclusion. It is the classic example of the meaningless mass that has recently developed into a separate genre. Nevertheless, the issue here is that there is so much senselessness that it overwhelms and drowns the crowd. One is worn out by the time the climax arrives. The conclusion does hint to a sequel, but at that point, one is more interested in finding the door than caring about it.

Overall, Kabzaa has a strong kgf movie hangover in terms of style, production, background music, and editing, making it appear to be a less-than-stellar knockoff. Nonetheless, it is uninteresting and lacks a clear plot, making it difficult to watch. Easily avoidable fare, even for fans of action films.

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