dasara, a pan-Indian film starring natural star nani, is scheduled for release on the 30th. In the meantime, dhoom Dhaam dasara Celebrations, the movie's pre-release event, was held in Anantapur and attracted a sizable crowd. Keerthy suresh has high hopes for dasara, which is billed as a full-fledged action thriller with a mainstream appeal.

"Sathyan Sooryan must be commended for his excellent work," Keerthy suresh stated. Santhosh Narayanan's first telugu album is available here. However, his songs went viral in every country. Both the teaser and the trailer were expertly cut by naveen Nooli. avinash performed superbly. Every single actor that played a friend is similar to my brothers. srikanth is a good person. He put a lot of enthusiasm into writing the tale. Many thanks to the producers for giving a first-time director with all the necessary tools.

Dasara is not an advertisement or a work of art. All the components are included in a comprehensive bundle. I used to collaborate with nani at Nenu Local. But dasara is a genuine local film in my opinion. nani is a wonderful co-star and friend. Fans of nani should know that he carried a sword. This is going to be different. Please help Deekshit; he's going to perform miracles.

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