White beauty Tamannaah's pathetic situation..!?

Director Sundar C's recent films have been a series of flops. His last film Koffee with Kadhal released under his direction is not known. Thus he is taking Aranmanai 4 in the line of hit films. He wants to make a difference by not taking it like the usual Aranmanai film. That means sundar c is planning many new ventures for the fourth installment. At first, he thought of casting vijay sethupathi as the hero in this film. But vijay sethupathi is currently busy with many films. So sundar c has decided to play the hero in this film. It is usual for Sundar C's films to have many heroines.
Similarly, sundar c has currently booked two heroines in Aranmanai 2. Actress rashi khanna will act opposite him. And tamannaah is acting in another one. tamannaah doesn't have a clear market right now. In this context, tamannaah is playing the lead role in Jailer, which is being directed by Nelson. After the release of this film, we can expect tamannaah to capture the market. Currently, tamannaah is acting opposite Santhosh Pratap in the film Aranmanai 4.
Santhosh Pratap is now a rising actor in tamil cinema. Santhosh Pratap had given his best performance in Arul Nidhi's recently released movie Awashethi Moorkan. But tamannaah, who paired with top heroes, now has a pitiful situation of acting with a small actor.

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