The Mythri movie Makers' producers and director sukumar are close friends. Along with director bobby, the famous director visited the location where the 154th movie starring megastar chiranjeevi was shot. According to the image, sukumar is overjoyed to view some of the movie that bobby has been showing him.

Hyderabad is the current location for the Mega154 filming. In this current schedule, certain significant scenes are being shot. rajendra prasad has also agreed to participate in the shoot alongside shruti Haasan. bobby is ensuring that there are components in the film for each section. The movie that will feature chiranjeevi in a significant part is being expertly made by Mythri movie Makers.

This movie is believed to be a full dinner feast for major fans and the people, and bobby, a devoted admirer of chiranjeevi, is taking extraordinary care. While Arthur A Wilson controls the camera, rock icon devi sri prasad composed the soundtrack for the film. It's thought that the crew is currently filming a few crucial scenes for the movie. shruti haasan has been cast as the leading heroine opposite the megastar in the movie, which is being produced by naveen Yerneni and ravi shankar -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>y ravi shankar under the legendary brand of Mythri movie Makers. rajendra prasad and vennela kishore also have significant roles.

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