Bimbisara, directed by Nandamuri Kalyan ram, has managed to live up to the fanfare since its debut and is doing extremely well financially. Bimbisara allegedly brought a stop to the box office doldrums of the previous two months by earning a share of 6.3 crores from andhra pradesh and telangana on its opening day.

The reported box office totals are astounding, and the movie was able to recoup 50% of its initial investment in the Nizam, Ceeded, Vizag, and nellore regions on Day 1 alone. According to the current trend, Bimbisara will likely reach breakeven in telugu States during its opening weekend. For 13 crores, Bimbisara was imported into telangana and Andhra Pradesh. telugu box office has returned in a big way.

Bimbisara ap telangana Day 1 Numbers –

Nizam 2.12CR
Ceded 1.30
Vizag 0.90
East 0.43
West 0.36
Krishna 0.34
Guntur 0.57
Nellore 0.26

Total Day1 share 6.27CR

The movie Bimbisara, which stars Jr. NTR's brother Nandamuri Kalyan ram as the Emperor of Magadh in the fifth century BC, has just been released. Samyuktha Menon, Warina Hussain, and catherine tresa are also included in the movie. netizens have given the movie positive reviews. At the box office, Nandamuri kalyan Ram's movie made Rs 6.3 crore on day 1. According to a report on, the movie made back half of its initial investment plus 6.30 crore in AP/TG on its first day of release.

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