The most recent movie directed by dil Raju, "Love Today," was dubbed from Tamil. The language is the sole distinction that a dubbed movie creates. Surprisingly, the fonts for the titles on the screen were jumbled up. Either carelessness or the absence of a telugu technician from the team causes this to occur. Being a renowned producer, dil raju would have conducted a quality check prior to the film's theatrical release. Many are now holding him accountable for his negligence.

Telugu viewers of this movie in both india and other countries were horrified to see the disrespect committed against the telugu language. dil raju owns the rights to the movie "Love Today," but not the language. He cannot carelessly disregard the wording. This error affects all of the titles because they were all projected in the same way, not just one frame or one card.

When Sarpattu Paramparai was dubbed into telugu, a similar error occurred. Not just the titles, but the entire telugu font used throughout the movie was incorrect. The telugu language should be introduced to the people in the proper manner, hence the technicians and the banner releasing the telugu version of the movie should keep an eye out for this.

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