On november 11th, Samantha's film Yashoda was released in theatres to generally positive reviews and respectable box office returns. After the public talk, the movie trailed down after a strong start. Public discussion is essential for a medium-range movie, but Yashoda was unable to produce big box office results.

The movie was supposed to go on OTT right after it finished playing in theatres, but it was delayed because to a legal dispute with the Eva IVF hospital. Eva was also the name of the hospital that was used in Yashoda, for context's sake. The hospital is portrayed negatively in the film, which has damaged the hospital's reputation. Eva decided to file a lawsuit as a result. But it appears that this situation has been resolved at this point. It appears to have been just a case of chance and misunderstanding. The problem has now been fixed, and Yashoda will start streaming on amazon Prime on december 9th.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Unni Mukundan, divya Sripada, and samantha all play significant roles in Yashoda. The writing and directing team of Hari-Harish are responsible. Filmmaker Sivalenka K prasad is responsible for the soundtrack, which was composed by legendary composer Mani Sharma.

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