Burned with a cigarette, fighting for years, now...! Ex-girlfriend threatened salman Khan

Actress Somi ali has once again made many serious allegations targeting salman Khan. Somi shared a throwback photo with salman, in which salman is seen giving her a rose flower. Along with it was written a lot is going to happen.

Bollywood's dabangg Bhaijaan salman khan these days remains in discussions about his upcoming films as well as his reality show 'Bigg Boss 16'. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend and actress Somy Ali, who has appeared in hindi films, has once again spewed venom for salman and has made many serious allegations targeting the actor on social media. Not only this, Somi has even called salman a woman-beater. Somi ali has shared a throwback photo with Salaman on her social media account, in which the actor is seen giving a red rose to Somi. With this, Somi even threatened the actor in the caption.

Somi ali and salman Khan's relationship lasted for a long time. Along with this, the news of the affairs of both of them also made a lot of headlines. Not only this, the affairs of both are discussed to date. However, the biggest reason for these discussions is Somi Ali, who often pokes salman khan on social media as well as accuses him. And in the recent photo shared by Somi on her Instagram, salman is seen giving her a rose flower. Along with this, Somi has written a very big caption while sharing the post, in which the actress writes, 'A lot is going to happen now. My show was banned in india and then threatened me with a lawsuit. You are a coward.

Somi ali further wrote in her post '50 lawyers are standing here to protect me, who will save me from cigarette burns and physical abuse that you have done to me for years. Shame on all those female actresses who support this man who assaults women. Such actors should also be ashamed of, those who supported it. Now it is time to fight.

This post of Some ali is going viral very fast. However, after this post went viral, the actress deleted it, but the photo of the post is becoming increasingly viral. Not only this, the actress herself is getting trolled badly on social media regarding this post. By commenting on this post of her, users are asking different types of questions to the actress along with telling her lies.

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