Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan's most recent movie, had a fantastic opening weekend. It broke previous records and became the highest-grossing hindi film of all time with an astounding Rs 57 crore on its opening day (Rs 55 crore in hindi and Rs 2 crore for tamil and Telugu). This accomplishment is especially noteworthy because it much outperforms the revenue from earlier blockbusters like "War" and "Thugs of Hindostan."

War and Thugs of Hindostan both made over Rs 53.35 crore in box office revenue, but Pathaan outperformed both of these movies by a significant margin. The thrilling sequences in the movie theatres contribute to "Pathaan's" success in addition to its box office performance. It's a very unusual feeling to see people standing up from their seats and dancing, cheering, and clapping.

This level of involvement and excitement, which is uncommon, emphasises the unique attractiveness of the movie. This excitement is widespread and not specific to any one area or city; it can be found in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Jodhpur, among other places. The audience responses are the same everywhere, even in little places like Vijaywada, Pune, and Patna. This demonstrates the movie's broad appeal and the effect it has had on viewers. With the added benefit of the Republic Day vacation, the movie is anticipated to extend its winning streak in the upcoming days.

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