When there are individuals pumping air all over the place, it will produce a high that no marijuana can ever produce. It's possible that ravi teja skipped the event because of this. Chiranjeevi's reference to a "little hero" is the death knell. Waltair Veerayya, an unremarkable and unfunny movie, was made for ravi Teja's role. Everyone began to entirely forget about it. Even though ravi teja began from nothing when chiranjeevi was a megastar, he still has the vanity of a star today. His feat of rising to stardom from nothing is no less impressive in the business.

He may respect chiranjeevi or perhaps feel compelled to make a lie-detector statement in this situation, but he will undoubtedly feel hurt inside. Fans are attending despite having no such duties. Even worse, ram charan omitted the 'Garu' when referring to ravi Teja. He is heard addressing him as "Ravi/Ravi Teja." This has further damaged the fans. No matter how close they were, ravi teja deserved to be treated with respect on a public occasion. But it was a night filled with mistakes.

Chiranjeevi is now facing backlash on social media as some of the fans are abusing him for his loud mouth and over talk on the dais last night.

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