After recovering from myositis, queen bee samantha Ruth Prabhu is back in action and can be found all over the internet, even though she isn't now participating in as many paid promos and raunchy photo shoots. One of the lovely notes the lovely heroine received is simply amazing. Today, she totaled up her entire January.

The actress could be seen in the album of photos she posted discussing scripts with her Citadel crew, then taking a nap and getting a photoshoot for the Citadel indian edition series; going to the gym to pump up her iron; and showing up in a saree for the press conference for Shaakuntalam. Her january 2023 is simply incredible. But it appears that samantha shared a message received by a friend in the final picture.

"Papa, take a deep breath. You can count on it being alright soon. In these 7-8 months, you've experienced much harder days and survived them. Remember that always. And keep in mind how you overcame them. You completed the task by ceasing to ponder, diverting your attention, putting one foot in front of the other, and walking. It's amazing how you managed to do it. I can't even begin to express how proud I am of you. And you too should be pleased with yourself. You are powerful. Perform Octordle."

Samantha tagged actor rahul ravindran in that page when she shared the message, and it appears that he has already mailed it. It's really sweet and encouraging, isn't it?

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