Pictures of Rakhi Sawant's husband Adil's rumored GF Tanu went viral, know what she does?

Recently, rakhi sawant revealed the name of her husband Adil Khan Durrani's girlfriend and now her pictures with Adil have also surfaced. Pictures of Rakhi Sawant's husband Adil's rumored GF Tanu went viral, know what she does?

Adil Khan's Girlfriend Tanu: Rakhi Sawant's personal life is once again in the news. Rakhi has accused her husband Adil Khan Durrani of an extra-marital affair. Rakhi had accused Adil and said that he was having an affair with a girl. Along with this, Rakhi warned Adil that if he does not improve, she will reveal the name and photo of the girl and now it has happened. All the photos of Adil's alleged girlfriend are becoming very viral on social media.

Rakhi Sawant has named her husband Adil's girlfriend as Tanu. Rakhi says that Adil and Tanu's affair started when she was in 'Bigg Boss Marathi'. When she came out of the show, she came to know about Adil's extramarital affair and tried to pacify Adil. According to Rakhi, she also told Adil that his ailing mother would not be able to tolerate all this, but he did not agree and after all this, Rakhi revealed the name of Adil's girlfriend on 6 february 2023.

As soon as Rakhi revealed Tanu's name, many pictures of Tanu and Adil together started going viral on social media. According to Rakhi, Tanu is from indore, passed out from IIT, and is a businesswoman. She has a flat in indore itself and is the owner of a bmw car. Rakhi has also said that 37-year-old Tanu wants to earn a name in films, for which she has been struggling in bollywood for the last 8 years. She has also appeared in some projects. According to the information, the real name of Tanu Chandel is Nivedita Chandel. Adil is also among his 604k followers on Instagram. Although it is not yet confirmed whether this is the same girl about whom Rakhi talked, it is being claimed on social media that she is the girl.

Let us tell you that soon after coming out of the house of 'Bigg Boss Marathi 4', Rakhi surprised everyone by sharing pictures and videos of her secret wedding. She shared some pictures from her instagram handle on 11 january 2023, in which she was seen wearing a garland around her neck with Adil and signing some documents. During this, where Rakhi was looking very beautiful in a printed red sharara, Adil was seen in a casual look. In the video shared by Rakhi from her instagram, both were seen garlanding each other. , some of his relatives can also be seen in the video. Behind the video, Rakhi also added the voice 'There is a limit to my tolerance, so don't cross it'. Although even after these pictures surfaced, Adil refused to marry Rakhi, later after a lot of uproars, he accepted Rakhi as his wife. However, now once again their relationship seems to be in danger.

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