Although she is a bollywood star heroine, none of her most recent movies have been commercially successful. Nonetheless, she continues to bring up this "affair rumour" again, ensuring that she will always be in the news. And we're hearing that this is happening for a reason. We are sure there won't be smoke without any fire.

Her hot appearance, stylish style, and seductive social media posts are usually a hit, but the latest movies she's been linked with have all been flops. And she just has one major film left to her name before she loses all major bollywood opportunities. Because of this, she wants to make a splash about upcoming movies, and her PR machine is doing just that.

She makes sure to denounce the "rumour" about her affair constantly, despite the fact that the hero she was related to and the producers of her upcoming and sole major motion picture are not even mildly interested in this conversation. Even if she provided sufficient clarifications and even some people forgot about it, she is making sure to reiterate the news endlessly. That is how you maintain your prominence in this tinsel town, I suppose.

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