Star Naturally Regarding his script choices, nani is one hero who distinguishes out from other well-known stars. No two of his upcoming films will have the same genre. Even after becoming famous, nani continued to explore many genres. He claims that he shouldn't let his fame dictate his decisions.

Speaking in an interview with The Hindu, nani said that he doesn't want to become a major star hero to the extent that his celebrity influences the scripts he picks. He claimed that the pressure from the box office shouldn't restrict his independence in selecting various kinds of scripts. "Statements like the entire nation is eager to see my movie shouldn't put pressure on me. Statements of that nature will undermine my judgment.

In the interview, nani remarked, "It won't allow me to tell the stories I want to tell. The actor is currently anticipating the premiere of his newest movie, Dasara. The female lead in this srikanth Odela-directed film is Keerthy Suresh. On march 30, it will have a worldwide release. Dasara, meanwhile, completed its censor formalities earlier today. The film has received a UA certificate from the CBFC panel. The movie lasts 2 hours and 36 minutes, and if the plot appeals to viewers in the first weekend, this short running time will undoubtedly benefit the film.

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