These days, it is widely assumed that Superstar prabhas would enter hollywood via the sci-fi movie "Project K," which is being made with a huge budget. But, it appears that another movie may take the prize even before this one is released in the English-speaking regions around the world, particularly in the USA.

Prabhas' upcoming movie "Salaar," which is being directed by kgf creator Prashanth Neel, is gearing up for a september release this year. While the movie will undoubtedly be a hit across India, the most recent information indicates that the producers are preparing to release the English-subtitled version in the european and American markets. The English-language version of the movie will be released in various theatres in India.

Traditionally, hindi and telugu versions are shown with english subtitles, as was the case with RRR. If Salaar could create a direct english version, the audience would undoubtedly be much expanded. And if prabhas and prashant Neel were to win over hollywood with their film, the actor would undoubtedly join the ranks of our other global stars. prabhas is currently working on the dubbing works of Adipurush movie and that would be his next release as well.

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