Fans show a lot of affection and adoration for movie stars and other celebrities. The audiences continuously support them. There is always a negative side to fame, and many celebrities frequently deal with trolling and hate speech on social media. There are numerous haters out there who often post derogatory words about movie stars online without apparent justification. We can't even begin to overstate the number of sexist and misogynistic comments actors have to deal with online. Actress shruti haasan recently experienced a similar scenario.

Shruti frequently engages with her followers on social media, hosting live chats and Q&A sessions. In a recent Q&A session, she invited her admirers to submit stupid questions for her to answer. She presumably intended for queries to be funny or outrageous. shruti didn't anticipate a creep asking a question that wasn't proper. She was questioned about her virginity by a user. shruti was not someone to be joking around with. She responded to the intruder in a brutal manner, winning the admiration of her followers.

The term "virgin" had been written as "verjain" by the male. When shruti noticed this, she only remarked, "Spelling, mate, spelling! Learn to spell before you become a weirdo or a creep. Funnier, when someone inquired about the size of her lips, shruti said, "How do you measure that?"

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