Not everyone enjoys juggling direction and acting at the same time. Such daring initiatives are uncommon from mainstream actors. Devil-may-care Such risky actions are nothing new for Vishwak Sen. With Falaknuma Das, he previously successfully demonstrated it. After a protracted absence, Vishwak and Dhamki are moving again. Does he perform well again? Is he lucky a second time? The answer is 'YES'.

The Dhamki narrative is not brand-new or original. However, actor-director Vishwak incorporates his distinctive approach. He loses his way in the second half. The music is fine. The song "Almost Padipoyave Pilla" is excellent and well-shot. The party music is a strict no during important moments. Pace issues plague the movie. Visuals are a visual treat. The movie's biggest asset is the twist in the Interval.

Once again, American critics were mistaken while evaluating a mainstream movie. Das Ka Dhamki displayed a strong hold on day one in the USA. The movie has already crossed $100K including the premieres and this is already the career-best for Vishwak Sen. Half-baked and half-cooked, dhamki. To make it taste better, Vishwak added common masala and various spices. But the final product is neither pleasing nor wholly satisfying.


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