megastar chiranjeevi is doing everything in his power to support his beloved filmmaker Krishnavamsi, with whom he hasn't yet collaborated on a project, from doing a special voice-over to conducting a special interview. The "Ranga Marthanda" movie received favourable attention as a result of Megastar's persistent promotion, and now his review has been released.

Chiru praised the movie as one of the best he had recently seen, saying, "The picture appears like a Triveni Sangamam as it brings the emotional acting talent of National Award-winning prakash raj and comedian Brahmanandam together with innovative director Krishna Vamsi. The entire second half of the film is an emotional journey that will have you crying. He expressed gratitude to ramya krishna and Krishnavamsi for making this film.

Despite megastar Chiru's best efforts, ranga marthanda failed to draw significant crowds on saturday afternoon. While some theaters, like AMB Cinemas, had 50% occupancy, the majority of others had an attendance of under 10%. Will Chiranjeevi's most recent assessment of the movie, which he posted on Twitter, boost sales? Let's see what ranga marthanda has planned for the weekend. We need to wait and see if this reflects in the box office collections in the coming days or not.

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