In the upcoming movie dasara, which is being directed by srikanth Odela and produced by sudhakar Cherukuri, Keerthy suresh portrays Vennela, the love interest of Nani. Keerthy, along with nani and others, is aggressively marketing the film. Keerthy suresh will be heard mouthing her lines in the dialect of rural Telangana. The actress confirms that she received training from both a professor and an associate director of the film. "I voiced my dasara persona. In just under six days, I finished the dubbing. I spent little more than three days on my previous films.

In the film, Keerthy suresh would be dark. There is a lot of dust because dasara was filmed in coal mines with a rustic atmosphere.Applying and removing makeup used to take a lot of time. At first, I found it challenging to speak in telangana slang. However, I adapted to it. The hardest role I've ever had in my career is playing Vennela. Everyone will identify with it. During a media appearance, the actress claimed to have experienced Mahanati-style vibes while performing Dasara.

"We have an emotional connection to a movie even after we've finished watching it. For Mahanati, it was available. I now experienced a similar emotional connection to Dasara.

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