We were aware that ntr and ANR, two of the biggest stars of the past, were still referred to by their fans as the Viswavikyata Nata Sarvabhouma and Nata Samrat. Things have altered, and these days we notice tags changing quite frequently. The days when producers and directors would tag the performers are long gone. If their names are not trended by their particular fans with a special "star" tag, today's superstars give themselves a tag.

With ram Charan's new moniker already trending and being used everywhere, the actor from rrr has dropped the previous moniker "Megapowerstar" from his name. Not only do his followers refer to him as such, but actors from a younger age like akhil also wished him a happy birthday and tagged him as a "Global Star." After his RRR's worldwide dominance, NTR—another of Telugu's greatest stars—became known as the "Man of the Masses."

It goes without saying that Allu Arjun, formerly known as the "Stylish Star," is still stylish but has been rebranded as the "Icon Star." The actor considers the change an improvement after following director Sukumar's advice. Not only that, but Prabhas, who has previously been referred to as a "Young Rebel Star," is now an "International Star," as aswini Dutt put it when discussing his Project K. Well after his fame grew after Baahubali, which made logic to his fans.

When it comes to the Senior Stars, chiranjeevi doesn't seem to be the "Megastar," but after his latest success with "Waltair Veerayya," he is now the "Boss of Bosses." The same is true of Balayya, who has been dubbed the "God of the Masses" in recent movies, and the actor frequently brought it up during his "Unstoppable" performance. Apart from these, Pawan Kalyan's status as a "Powerstar" has not changed, and mahesh babu continues to be the Superstar as usual.

The tags are essentially given by the fans and the directors including them in the titles formally receiving a nod from the star himself in the age of fans on social media involving and influencing directly the happenings of telugu cinema. In addition to the top league actors' tags changing, many future actors are now being referred to as "Nitrostar," "Energetic star," and even "Sudden Star." It shouldn't come as a surprise if the stars' upcoming films' success and genre significantly alter their labels. Meanwhile, ajith gave up all his tags including 'Thala' and 'Ultimate star' and asked his fans to address him as 'AK'.

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