The passing of his father, P Subramaniam, has been difficult for ajith kumar, a well-known star of the tamil film business. For those who are unaware, Ajith's father passed away on march 24, Friday, as a result of aging-related disease. Close friends and fellow actors from the film business supported ajith and his family during these trying times. Following this profound loss, ajith kumar reportedly chose to put off all of his work commitments in order to spend more time with his family.

It was previously rumored that ajith Kumar's eagerly awaited 62nd project, tentatively titled Ak 62, would begin production in april of this year. AK 62's producers reportedly chose to push the movie a little bit after the death of the actor's father. ajith kumar won't feel fully prepared to return to work until May 2023, according to the most recent details reported by india Glitz.

The CEO of Lyca Productions, GKM tamil Kumaran, suggested that the eagerly awaited project might officially debut in april 2023. The director, who spoke to the media after paying his condolences at ajith Kumar's home, chose not to provide any additional information. It's anticipated that shortly, more information about the AK 62, including its launch date, will be made public.

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