A film director's duty is to make a movie that appeals to the preferences and needs of the public. He will continue to be important if he regards this. He will die if he doesn't. Rangamarthanda and Balagam, two movies that have been aired this season. Both movies have weighty subjects and are serious. Rangamarthanda was helmed by the accomplished senior director Krishnavamshi. Popular performers like ramya krishna, Brahmanandam, and prakash raj appear in the movie.

Balagam was created by fresh, untested talent. Rangamarthanda, on the other hand, was a complete flop, while Balagam turned out to be a huge success. Rangamarthanda's theatre rights were sold for Rs. 3 crore, and only a fraction of that sum has been recouped. There aren't any noteworthy collections anywhere else besides rtc Crossroads, and there are questions about whether these collections are real because this occurrence is unique to that location.

Balagam, on the other hand, has been operating for weeks and making money thanks to word-of-mouth advertising. The film's greater engagement quotient is what accounts for this success. In contrast to Rangamarthanda, which felt forced and cliched, the audience found the tale to be captivating. The bottom line is that, while any type of film can be made, it must have a compelling story for a young audience.

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