Dheekshith Shetty, along with nani and Keerthy suresh, plays a crucial part and ably integrates into the triumvirate. He does a good job of playing the brave, aggressive role. In addition to them, Shine tom Chacko, a malayalam performer, plays a crucial role. When offered the opportunity, he excels, but only in a few instances. One gets the impression that his talent isn't being completely utilized. 

Saikumar and jhansi are performing the customary supporting roles well. Samuthirakani, however, is squandered in a part that appears to have been trimmed on the cutting room floor. Nani's performance stood up to the anticipation. Look out for his performance in the opening scene, beedi sequences, and climax scenes.
Keerthy suresh gave a strong performance; in particular, her unique mass dance sequence merits notice. Shine tom Chacko is fantastic as the adversary chinnaNambi. As the hero's companion, Deekshith Shetty performed admirably. The other performers in the film were effective in their roles. While srikanth Odela made an honest effort to create a rustic, rural drama, he was unable to effectively capture the feelings of love and friendship in a manner that would hold the attention of viewers.

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