Top directors in the telugu film business in the late 1990s and early 2000s included krishna Vamsi and Gunasekhar. However, they ran out of gas in the previous ten years and produced a string of duds. They are making a return this year after a lengthy absence. While krishna Vamsi's comeback was somewhat successful, Gunasekhar's performance must be seen.

With the release of his new movie Ranga Marthanda, krishna Vamsi returned after a hiatus of more than five years. In honor of Ugadi, this poignant family drama was broadcast on march 22. The movie is getting acclaim for its frank storytelling and excellent acting. Regardless of the box office performance, it continued to be a unique movie in krishna Vamsi's career. The Marathi movie Natsamrat has been officially remade in Ranga Marthanda.

On the other hand, gunasekhar is making a comeback with his most recent feature, Shaakuntalam, after an absence of more than seven years. The official debut of this mythological story is scheduled for april 14. The main character is played by Samantha. Rudhramadevi, Gunasekhar's most recent picture, didn't have the success that was anticipated. We must therefore wait and see if gunasekhar can recover with this all-India initiative.

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