On the eve of the dasara holiday, on october 20, we recently witnessed the vivacious hero ram and his director boyapati Sreenu announce the release date of their upcoming movie. And everyone believed that #BoyapatiRaPo had secured a solitary meeting, but it appears that is not the case. More than RaPo, he will also clash with Vijay's Leo. The last time they clashed was during Sankranthi 2021 when Vijay had master and ravi teja had 'Krack'.

Mass These days, raja Raviteja makes back-to-back movies. After releasing Dhamaka in cinemas last December, he will release Ravanasura in April. It appears that he will soon be releasing another film, which will star none other than Kittu Unnadu Jagratha director Vamsi krishna as tiger Nageswara Rao. The film's release date, october 20, has been officially announced by the producers, who also announced a straight competition with #BoyapatiRaPo.

Ram and boyapati will be under a lot of strain because Raviteja's mass appeal is much greater and has increased significantly since krack and Dhamaka. Another rumor is that Balayya's #NBK108 may also participate in this competition, but its release date will either be the day before or the day after. And the 2024 dasara will be quite unexpected if that occurs.

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