Meaning "Male Ghost," Purusha Pretham. You might assume from the title that this movie is a horror thriller. But it isn't. It is a satirical dark comedy that mocks the kerala Police. When referring to unidentified dead bodies, the police agency is considering using the term "Pretham," which means "ghost." Any other phrase is considered to be beneath the deceased. The irony is that while it is stated that great care is taken to preserve the dignity of the deceased, the reality is quite the reverse.

The famous police procedural clichés are turned on their heads by Purusha Pretham. The fundamental premise of the movie is that most, if not all, of the well-known cop pictures produced in india have been deceiving us. For years, they have been Super Sebastian-ing us. Rarely do police officers get to pull off any brave deeds. Most of them are required to carry out instructions from superiors without prodding too much. And those routine chores occasionally might be unimportant and unworthy of being shared with one's family. police officers don't always chase after robbers, disperse crowds, and prevent offences before they happen.

Dileep is instructed by Sebastian to assist in retrieving a corpse from a lake. Sebastian demands that dileep complete the task even though the team's younger members offer to do it. Our initial assumption is that Sebastian is punishing dileep in some obnoxious powerplay. It also causes us to discover something more sinister a few scenes later. Dileep's son laments, "Some people think we are only entitled to carrying the dead body and cleaning bathrooms," and begs him not to do such work in the future. We respond, "Oh, sure. Caste discrimination is present.

There are so many colourful personalities in Purusha Pretham. It is exciting to witness because of the cast's enthusiastic performances. Alexander prasanth in particular gives a portrayal that expertly transitions between the roles of a heroic cop and a regular guy. The movie's frames each have a different story to convey. Frequently, the characters only show up on the periphery of the screen, leaving a large amount of empty space. It seems as though the filmmaker is encouraging us to fill it with our interpretation of the film and our imagination. We never get to see their characters in all of their complexity. All characters only share half-truths, just like Sebastian.

This movie's cutting is fantastic; it provides a tonne of information that allows us to fill in the blanks and get a sense of how real police reports appear.

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