According to the producers' numbers, natural star Nani's dasara had a record-breaking worldwide box office debut, earning close to 38 crores. Even industry insiders claimed that the movie made nearly $20 crores in global box office receipts, elevating nani to the status of Tier 1 hero. What about the rival hindi and tamil movies that just came out yesterday?

Simbu's gangster drama Pathu Thala and ajay Devgan's Bholaa, both remakes of the Tamil-Telugu smash Khaidi, are in direct competition with Nani's film. If we examine the box office results for those films, it appears that nani has outperformed ajay Devgan and simbu as well. Bholaa, starring ajay Devgan, wound up earning more than 25 crores at the international box office. Simbu's Pathu Thala has a very poor box office take, only earning a few crores in tamil cinemas.

So, whether it is telugu state collections or overseas figures, Nani's dasara has demonstrated absolute authority, though it has not yet made strong numbers in bollywood and Tamilnadu. telugu movie fans must be delighted that nani is earning more money than a senior actor like ajay Devgan could with a successful film remake.  

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