At the age of ten, Ilyas' (Atherma Verma) moustache began to develop. Since then, he has been forced to maintain it, and despite the fact that he is 14 years old, his parents, Rizwan Manji and Mojeane Sadr, won't let him cut it. Ilyas must transition from his Islamic school to a public school as a result of his father's failing company. Ilyas (Ayana Manji) and his buddy Yasmeen (Ayana Manji) come up with a scheme to send Ilyas back to the school where he at least knows all the rules. Yasmeen sends Ilyas emails while claiming to be his new girlfriend.

Although Khan doesn't attempt anything unusual with the subject matter, Mustache does so with grace and a genuine kindness. Ilyas is a likeable character who is just having a hard time adjusting to a new school and feeling like he doesn't blend in — whether it's because of his race and religion or because he feels odd in comparison to the other students at his Islamic school. Ilyas struggles even more because he falls short of his parents' expectations of him and he frequently feels disappointed. This is particularly true given how often he and other boys are contrasted with Arun, a high school senior who is held up as an ideal for Muslim youth.

Atherma Ilyas is played superbly by Verma. He gives the character just the perfect measure of awkward teen sincerity. Verma's portrayal makes the audience think that he would vent his annoyances on others when he is overcome with certain feelings and unable to express them. As Ilyas' father, Rizwan Manji excels. Despite having less to work with, he gives the part everything he has, which endears the character to the audience. Despite not getting enough opportunity to shine, the rest of the supporting ensemble is excellent as well.

Some aspects of Mustache could have been developed further, such as Ilyas's father-son bond, which is only touched upon in passing. Unfortunately, many of those aspects remain unexplored, and while this does not make the movie any less heartfelt, the father/son relationship could have been developed more if it had been given more attention. This could have given Mustache a little more depth and more at risk emotionally.

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