Balakrishna infuriated Sreeleela, the young star of Tollywood.  Yes, don't you think so? Sreeleela, the adorable beauty, received a cheek slap from Balakrishna. I started crying after reading this. balakrishna is a very amiable individual. But occasionally he gets enraged. The most recent information claims that balakrishna smacked Sreeleela before leaving in tears. However, they are curious as to why Sreeleela enraged balayya and what he did wrong.  However, the actual event that took place is different.

Balakrishna's NBK 108 is being shot under the supervision of anil ravipudi at a rapid clip. Sreeleela is reportedly playing the character of Balakrishna's niece in the movie, with kajal aggarwal portraying the female protagonist.  The moment in which balayya smacks Sreeleela was captured on camera.

Balakrishna was asked to give her a kiss on the cheek. He then defeated sree Leela. Everyone was stunned. Likewise, anil ravipudi ceased speaking. Even after the sequence was through, there was no word of a cut. Talk about a shot that just felt right.  Sreeleela broke down and fled the shoot in tears. Everyone praised the actress' dedication. With the raghavendra Rao-directed film Pelli Sandadi, Sreeleela made her tollywood debut.  She also produced the popular film Dhamaka, which also starred mass Maharaja ravi Teja. She signed several films after that. She is now acting in roughly eight films.

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