Over 300 films in many languages were made by AVM Productions, one of the most well-known banners. The banner has had the honour of working with a number of business giants from many languages. Fourth-generation AVM Productions producer Aruna Guhan recently recounted an amazing tale involving megastar Chiranjeevi. After taking a brief break after 1976, AVM Productions briefly stopped making films. A.V. Meiyappan, who founded the production company, regrettably passed away in 1979.

But he told his boys before he passed away that he wanted to start making films again. Unfortunately, this wish did not come true. The sons of Meiyappan decided to create and distribute a movie in celebration of their father's one-year anniversary. They asked the well-known megastar to work on a project. chiranjeevi was highly busy during this time due to his recent marriage as well as his professional responsibilities. chiranjeevi kindly accepted the offer after learning the delicate and honourable justification for the request.

Chiranjeevi managed to commit his evenings to the film's filming despite having a hectic schedule of other films. It's interesting to note that chiranjeevi also came up with the title for the movie, "Punnami Naagu." The movie ended up being a huge hit and became AVM Productions' highest-grossing telugu production at the time.

This lovely disclosure made by Aruna Guhan exemplifies the great commitment and assistance chiranjeevi gave to AVM Productions at a pivotal time. His willingness to fit the project into his already packed schedule demonstrates both his dedication to the field and his admiration for A.V. Meiyappan and his family's history. One of the numerous explanations for why supporters exclaim, "Oorike Ayipothara Megastarlu!"

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