Ravinder chandrasekhar produced three films in his own production and all those films cost him a fortune. A few days ago, Ravinder was arrested for fraud in solid waste and lodged in Puzhal Jail. Ravinder Chandrasekaran's wife Mahalakshmi was a newsreader six years ago. Mahalakshmi divorced her first husband and married Fatman Ravinder. At that time many people spit on him and trolled him. The incident caused a stir as everyone wondered why Mahalakshmi chose him.
Despite trolls on social media, the couple continued to upload photos on instagram and other social media networks. Now, Reported Bailwan Ranganathan said Mahalakshmi married Ravinder for money and seduced him completely. In fact, she trapped him and sent him to jail so that she could enjoy all the wealth by herself. producer Gundubaguthi also feels the same as Mahalakshmi clearly made plans and threw him behind bars.

According to sources, Ravinder deceived balaji Ford, the victim in this case of fraud, by fabricating paperwork that purportedly showed a company's profitability. According to reports, he persuaded balaji to invest in a project to produce electricity from solid trash by describing it as an incredibly lucrative prospect. In order to bring him on as a partner, he also persuaded him to boost his stakes. On september 17, 2022, Ravinder and balaji reached a mutual agreement for a staggering sum of 15 crores. According to allegations, Ravinder allegedly broke his commitments and proceeded to defraud the businessman of the full sum.

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